Accra To London G Wagon driver didn’t have visa; member explains colleague’s absence


A group of intrepid adventurers from Wanderlust Ghana achieved an awe-inspiring feat by successfully completing a remarkable road trip from Accra all the way to London.

On a momentous Sunday, August 6, 2023, they finally reached their destination, marking a moment of triumph in their daring expedition. However, their adventure was not without its share of surprises and twists.

The remarkable journey began with a dozen adventurous souls, each filled with excitement and determination. Among the group stood out a man who quickly became a favourite among Ghanaians, thanks to his impressive G-Wagon vehicle.

The robust and eye-catching ride turned heads and garnered attention wherever it roamed.

As the journey progressed and the team neared the final stretch in London, keen observers noticed that a few members were notably missing from the group. Among them was the owner of the beloved G-Wagon, the individual who had garnered a dedicated fan following throughout the trip.

In a revealing video, one of the team members shed light on the G-Wagon owner’s absence. It turned out that the fan-favourite driver had never intended to reach London as part of this particular journey. Instead, he had chosen to embark on a different adventure within Europe, taking a divergent path while the rest of the team continued their onward trek towards the ultimate destination.

Despite the absence of the G-Wagon owner, the spirit of camaraderie and the thrill of accomplishment filled the hearts of the Wanderlust Ghana team as they completed their extraordinary road trip from Accra to London.