Actress Ruby Rose Sparks Concern as she announces she is vanishing from social media due to traumatic birthday


Australian-born actress and television personality, Ruby Rose has sparked concern after announcing she is taking a break from social media due to her traumatic 37th birthday.

The ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress, who has tried to take her life several times, is due to turn 37 on Monday, March 20.

In a post shared on her Instagram Story on Sunday afternoon, March 19, Ruby announced she was logging out of her accounts until Tuesday, March 21.

She wrote: “Logging off until the 21st. If you have followed me for long enough you know I don’t acknowledge tomorrow.

“I don’t celebrate that day… That day has never been a celebration. Some have tried but it was never a celebration at the time, and nor is it now.

“So please leave it for me this year.”

It is unclear why the model no longer celebrates her birthday, although she has thrown parties with friends and family in the past.

In 2019, Ruby held a birthday celebration with friends, including her former Batwoman co-star Rachel Skarsten and You actress Elizabeth Lail