Carol Katrue badmouths Kenyans in Saudi Arabia after poorly attended concert


Mugithi artist Carol Katrue, in a video shared on August 3, revealed that her concert in Saudi Arabia faced a near-flop situation despite ultimately being successful.

In her explanation, Katrue stated that attendees simply didn’t show up due to jealousy, and they were also expressing discontent towards the promoter who had arranged the concert.

Katrue and her fiancé Miracle Baby had travelled to Saudi Arabia for the event and discovered that their promoter had faced multiple accusations two weeks before the concert.

“Two weeks ago kulikua na scandal ya huyo promoter alituita. Alikua ameekelewa yeye ni mkubwa wa LGBTQ+.

“[There was a scandal two weeks ago, the promoter was accused of being an LGBTQ+ leader],” Katrue said.

She further pointed out that the same promoter was facing murder accusations, which led some Kenyans to boycott the event due to their reservations about him being the host.

According to Katrue, the event’s attendance could have been significantly improved if there was a more positive and supportive outlook among the people present.