Gravity, Nantongo reveal musicians got Shs5m after meeting Prime Minister


Gravity Omutujju and Carol Nantongo revealed that Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja doled out Shs5 million to each musician after meeting them.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, the duo noted that the prime minister had come to the meeting to familiarise herself with the objectives of the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

Omutujju and Nantongo noted that she was impressed by their mission. She then offered Shs5 million to each musician who was present to use for personal development.

However, Nantongo noted that of the about 70 people who attended that meeting, the vast majority of them weren’t musicians.

“I don’t know where those people came from,” said Nantongo.

It’s important to note that Eddy Kenzo, who is the president of the Federation is a longtime friend of the prime minister.

They were friends even before she became a lawmaker. Nabbanja is in the hospitality industry and Kenzo used to perform at her facilities.

The Federation was formed in May under the patronage of Gen. Salim Saleh and Esther Akampumuza, the owner of A’lure Hotel & Suites Mutundwe where most of its activities are conducted.

The UNMF’s organizational structure consists of a General Assembly of members, a Leadership team, Committees focusing on various aspects of the industry, Regional Representatives, a Secretariat, and a Board of Trustees featuring representatives from OWC, UNCC, and NCF.

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) is a collaborative effort of musicians, industry stakeholders, and the Ugandan government, aimed at unifying the music industry in Uganda.