“I have been acting for decades yet I jump on buses every day” Veteran actress, Iya Gbonkan cries out for help


Nollywood actress Margaret Bandele Olayinka, popularly known as Iya Gbonkan, has reached out to her fans for help in a heartfelt plea.

The veteran actress expressed her frustration at not owning a car despite her many years in the industry. She revealed that she has been relying on public transportation, hopping on buses every day to reach her destinations.

Iya Gbonkan called upon her fans to celebrate and support her while she is still alive, instead of waiting until she passes away to show their appreciation. She emphasized the need for assistance from her fans and expressed her desire to have a car.

“I have been acting for decades, yet I don’t have a car. I jump on buses every day. If I die now, you will kill a cow. Celebrate me now that I am alive. I need a car from my fans.”