Kenyan Comedian Loses YouTube Channel Hours After Declaring Stand Against Finance Bill


Hours after publicly announcing his stand against the Finance Bill 2024, Kenyan comedian and scriptwriter Eddie Butita has allegedly lost his YouTube channel.

The comedian, who recently accompanied President William Ruto to the U.S. has been facing significant criticism from the public over his failure to join other Kenyans for the Finance Bill protesters in Nairobi.

On Sunday, Butita felt compelled to clarify his position on the controversial bill.

In a lengthy Instagram statement, he said, “The Finance Bill, as it stands, is not okay. I played a role in submitting my concerns, and I will do it again when needed because I am a citizen and a businessman.

“I want the best for my country mates, family, friends, and colleagues. After all, it is time to publicly declare my position. I, Eddie Butita, #RejectFinanceBill2024. It is time to listen. We can not all be wrong. Come on Gen Z, find me a cool T-shirt and report to the office.”

On Monday, fans of the comedian noticed that his YouTube channel had disappeared. A spot check on YouTube revealed that the original Eddie Butita channel no longer exists. Interestingly, a new channel under the name EddieButita289 has emerged.

This new channel only features two videos: One is Butita’s statement on his stand against the Finance Bill, and the other is showing his friend Abel Mutua wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Butita is not bad, it’s the people around him.”

The new channel has garnered over 30 subscribers so far. As of now, Butita has not come out to confirm the allegations or explain the exact nature of why his YouTube channel is no longer available. This silence has only fueled more speculation among his fans and followers.

There were claims that Butita might have deactivated his account to divert attention from the ongoing backlash. Some fans even threatened to unfollow him and report his YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, others speculated that the loss of his channel was a direct result of his public stance on the Finance Bill.