Murugi Munyi celebrates husband’s 40th birthday in UK


Content creator Murugi Munyi has celebrated her husband’s birthday in the United Kingdom with a heartwarming message in which she let her wishes for the man in her life known.

Zack who is currently in the UK for work turned 40 today and the elated content creator was

She gushed over her hubby, stating that he is all she ever wished for in a partner and she is glad to have him.

“Happy 40th birthday bestfriend Blessed to celebrate such a milestone with you. You are everything I could hope for in a partner.” Munyi wrote.

She prayed for God’s protection upon him until old age so that they may enjoy retirement together.

“May God keep you and protect you until the days of our old age so that I may enjoy retirement with you!” She added.

Munyi and Zack have kept the flame of their love burning, navigating the challenges of distance by frequently visiting each other.

The content creator’s recent trip to the UK coincided with his birthday.