Cross River to generate Electricity from Waste


Cross River state government has partnered with a French consortium to generate electricity from waste.

Leader of the French consortium, Mr. Ayodeji Okele, during a technical meeting with Governor Ben Ayade, said the company would conduct a feasibility studies on the waste management situation in the state.

Okele, speaking on the project guideline, said the team will develop a sustainable solution for disposal of municipal waste, both liquid and solid as well as proffer solutions for the generation of electricity from the end products.

He also announced that his team had earlier undertaken an inspection tour of the major dump sites in the state.

“We have been having a discussion about this project over a year ago with regards to the waste management situation in Cross River state.

“And we arrived at the idea that we will need to do proper feasibility studies to find out what solution would be best suited and also what solution will be economically viable.

“The purpose of the feasibility studies, is to have an idea of the technical and financial basis for the project. Our feasibility studies will take about six months.”

Ayade in his response, commended the French government for the partnership and charged the consortium to see the project as a live saving intervention and not a research.

In his words:

“This is not a research, it is a life- saving intervention mission and that is why you are here. So, if you approach it from that perspective, your concept of time will become more delicate and sensitive.

“I do not believe that you need six months to do this feasibility study, you just need to put more effort and more time. And why am I saying this? This is because when you finish your feasibility study, you will end up with a position statement which states that it is a feasible project.

“Then you go back to the French government to process the actual final milestone which is the actual implementation. So if it takes you six months for feasibility study, by the time you get the final approval it will be towards the end of next year and that is not the level of pulse we need.”