Mauritius On Standstill Due To Heavy Rains And Floods


Mauritius has been struck by heavy rains and severe flooding, causing major inundation across the island nation.

As a result of the adverse weather conditions, all schools will remain closed.

Both public and private sector employees have been advised not to report to work on Monday.

Work-from-home is encouraged, except for essential and emergency services, which will remain operational.

The capital, Port Louis, as well as regions such as the West, Southwest, and even the Northwest, have been significantly affected.

The Port Louis waterfront has been submerged, with several vehicles trapped in the floodwaters.

An accident on a highway in Port Louis resulted in the loss of life of a motorcyclist who died on the spot.

The most intense rainfall was recorded in Albion, in the west of the country, with 302mm of rain in just 15 hours from 04:00 to 19:00 local time on Sunday.

A two-storey house collapsed in Tranquebar, Port Louis, due to the rains, but all eight members of the family were able to escape the house without injuries and find refuge with a neighbour.