Marrakech: CNDP Inks Partnerships with African Personal Data Protection Authorities


These partnership agreements were signed on the sidelines of the General Assembly (GA) of the Network of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA-RAPDP), whose proceedings ended Wednesday.

Signed by president of the CNDP, Omar Seghrouchni, and president of the High Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (HAPDP) of Niger, Sanady Tchimaden Hadatan, the first agreement aims to establish the framework for cooperation in the protection of personal data and privacy between Morocco and this West African country.

“This protocol of cooperation DATA-TIKA-YARDA (YARDA in Niger means trust) will allow the HAPDP to benefit from the experience of Morocco, one of the most successful institutions in the field of personal data protection,” said on this occasion, Sanady Tchimaden Hadatan.

“This partnership will allow the CNDP to accompany our young authority which has just been created in 2017, and to benefit from the experiences of the Moroccan authority for the protection of personal data, to strengthen our capacities and the capacities of our agents and master this issue of protection of personal data with the help of digital,” she added in a statement to M24, MAP TV channel of continuous news.

The second agreement signed by Seghrouchni, and director general of the Chadian Agency for Computer Security and Digital Certification (ANSICE), Dr. Abdel-Nassir Mahamat Nassour, aims to make the authority of this country benefit from the experience, know-how and solutions that the CNDP has put in place.

In a similar statement to M24, Mahamat Nassour noted that the CNDP has significant experience compared to ANSICE in the protection of personal data.

“The protection of personal data is a topical issue in today’s world marked by accelerated changes, and as African authorities responsible for the protection of personal data, we are called upon to find ways and solutions to both protect the data of our citizens and provide answers to their requests,” he stessed.


The National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP) inked, Thursday in Marrakech, two partnership agreements with African authorities of personal data protection.

13 mai 2022